Sports Betting In Michigan

Sports betting in Michigan has not been formally legalized just yet, but sports betting in Michigan is already taking place. This sounds impossible and against the law at first, but we can guarantee you that it is not. Let us take this page to explain. States all over the country are now free to create new sports betting regulation that will allow sportsbooks to open all over the state. But the act of sports betting itself is not against the law. That means you are perfectly within your rights to go to an online offshore sportsbook to place a bet the Pistons or any team from Detroit.

Plus, Michigan is doing its best right now to create new sports gambling law that will allow sportsbooks in the state. There are a lot of moving parts going on and it can be difficult to understand. Although we are not legal experts, we are experts in the topic of sports gambling and we pay attention to what is going on. So, allow us to help guide you through what exactly is legal and what is not when it comes to Michigan sports betting. By the end, you should have all the answers you are looking for.

Does Michigan Have Legal Land-Based Sports Gambling?

At this moment, Michigan does not have legal land-based sports gambling. To have land-based sports betting, sportsbooks must be allowed to open in the state. Gambling facilities must have a special sports gambling license to offer odds on sports betting. Right now, no such law exists that allows for land-based sports betting to take place. Thanks to that, land-based sports betting is not allowed in Michigan. Until lawmakers change the laws, the only place to bet on sports is through online offshore sportsbooks. Using a bookie or going to an unlicensed sportsbook is against the law and we do not recommend that.

Michigan Sports Betting Laws + Statutes

Understanding Michigan sports betting laws is a very simple task right now. The reason for that is because they simply do not exist. No sports betting laws have been passed yet, but we can look at sports betting bills to give you an idea on what these laws could look like. MI HB 4311 was one of the first bills that were up for consideration. This bill specifically allows for state-licensed online sports betting to take place. This bill has been at a standstill, however. Lawmakers have indicated that they are interested in introducing new sports betting bills in the future, so we will update this page once we know more.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Michigan?

Yes, by default online sports betting is legal in Michigan. Online gambling, which includes casino-style games and sports, is not against the law. This is because the State of Michigan has yet to pass any legislation that mentions, bans, or allows sports betting. This allows for online offshore sportsbooks to legally take bets from Michigan residents. Offshore sportsbooks are based outside of the country and they are completely legal in their respective countries. They also have the required licenses to take sports bets from Michigan residents. All of this simply means that online sports betting is legal in Michigan.

Michigan Online Sports Betting Facts

  • You can legally place sports bets online in Michigan.
  • The gambling age in Michigan is 18 - you must be 18 to bet sports online in Michigan.
  • We reviewed every sportsbook in Michigan and feature only the best here.
  • legal Michigan sports betting sites offer better juice and perks than land based books!!

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Michigan Residents?

Finding a website that accepts Michigan residents is not difficult because we have the best ones listed out below. Choosing any of the sportsbooks we have recommended down below will surely meet your expectations. But why did we list you multiple sportsbooks instead of just one if they all are so great? To begin with, no two sites are the same. Some offer major player perks while others only offer a few sports to bet on. Whichever site you choose to sign up to, you need to check to make sure it uses a reliable betting platform, is easy to navigate, and has 24/7 customer service. It is also important to make sure it accepts all major forms of payment for making deposits and withdrawals. All of these sportsbooks do just that and the only difference between them are the odds that they post. Check out our reviews of them down below to find out why you should sign up for these sportsbooks!

Bovada Sportsbook - Easy Sign Up; Wager On All Your Favorite Teams Within Minutes!

Bovada SportsbookThere is no better sports betting site that represents the interests of those living in the State of Michigan than that found at Bovada. As the best source of preseason and in-season betting props for all the biggest major sports league this is the online sportsbook to turn to if you're looking for more than just game lines...but of course, they've got those too!

If you want to learn more or are ready to sign up then please click any Bovada link or banner on this page; you will be whisked away to their homepage where you can learn more about their 50% to $250 new player bonus, or peruse the multitude of deposit methods they welcome which includes all forms of Visa as well as using different wire transfer services to fund accounts using cash.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Lifetime Sports Betting Bonuses Available For Depositors

BetOnline SportsbookThe best part of choosing a reputable online sportsbook like BetOnline is that it will not cost you one cent to check out what they are able to bring to the table. What's more is that you will not even need to sign up to see the betting lines that are available that day as well as wagers to be settled at a much later date. But if you do like what you see and decide to register, there is no financial commitment until funding an account to wager.

Speaking of funding, BetOnline is one of few Michigan betting sites that will accept Visa as well as MasterCard. Both funding methods are flexible in that credit, debit and prepaid versions are all capable of quickly getting funds into accounts provided they are capable of making international + online purchases.

SportsBetting - The Best Website For Betting On College Football In Michigan

SportsBetting SportsbookWhether you bleed maize and blue, or green and white, you will have plenty of wager options when you sign up at SportsBetting. If you want to bet on the Wolverines or Spartans to win the college football playoff, you can do it here. If you want to wager on either to win the Big Ten Championship for football or men's basketball, you can do it here. But this site isn't just for betting on futures, this betting website is for betting on what's going on right now which is why they always make sure to have all the latest daily + weekly game betting lines (spreads + totals) as well as one of the top-rated live sports wagering apps found at any of the online sportsbooks that accept Michigan residents.

Registering for a new account is extremely simple. In fact, visitors can even begin the sign up process right on their homepage with minimal information. Let us help you get started!

Does Michigan Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Michigan does allow pari-mutuel betting in the state. There are plenty of horse racing tracks in the state. These thoroughbred, pari-mutuel racing facilities allow bettors to bet on horses, not greyhounds, and they currently do not host any electronic gambling. If you are interested, be sure to check out Hazel Park Raceway, Northville Downs, or the Sports Creek Raceway. But if you want to experience sports betting without having to go out of your house, then the above online sportsbooks we recommended to you should do the trick. They all have racebooks as well with the best odds on your favorite horses. Plus, you will have the ability to bet on horse races from all over the world and not just Michigan. That is way better than the options you will get in a Michigan racetrack

Other Types Of Gambling Available In Michigan

Michigan is one of the emerging states when it comes to states with legal sports betting. You can observe this by the sheer number of casinos that are opening up, most of which will be constructed near Detroit. These casinos are primarily Native American (tribal) owned, though the soon-to-be-built commercial casinos will likely be ready for visitors within the year. Because of the influx in casino gambling, Michigan may be one of the next states to regulate online sports betting. The legislative session in Michigan lasts all year, so there is plenty of time for the lawmakers to get to work and legalize sports gambling in Michigan. Once sportsbooks can open up in the state, we will update this page accordingly.