Is Sports Betting Legal In Michigan

In Michigan the weather gets cold, the wind comes in from the great lakes, and the Wolverines are king. In a state with one of the most storied college sports programs in the nation, it's no surprise that sports events take on a certain kind of mania all over the state. Being as such, it comes as no surprise that a lot of Michigan residents have questions about sports betting. It can be a fun hobby when done responsibly, but a lot of bad assumptions and misinformation about the legality of sports betting lead Michigan residents to think that they can't take part in any wagers. Fortunately, a lot of these assumptions are false.

The thing to know right off the bat is that it is NOT illegal to bet on sports in Michigan. There is nothing written in any laws passed through state or federal court that can punish anyone for simply participating in betting. The only point at which the law takes umbrage with sports betting is in the hosting and promotion of wagering. How it boils down is that the only people who can be legally prosecuted in relation to sports betting are usually bookmakers, heads of businesses who profit from other people's wagers, and people who advertise for these illegal operations. There are no laws that prevent any Michigan residents from participating in sports betting.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Michigan:

If you're following along, now that you know sports betting is legal to participate in, you're probably wondering what good that does you when no one in your state is allowed to facilitate betting and you're a very far trip from Nevada. Unfortunately, if you want to bet in a land based setting in Michigan, you're going to have to try and stumble on an underground, illegally run sports betting network. Even though you cannot be prosecuted for simply playing in an illegally run establishment, it is not recommended due to the fact that such establishments are not usually sound investments for your hard earned money. The fact that they can be shut down any time makes them unstable and unlikely to last for a very long time.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Michigan:

Luckily, there is a solution to the problem of how to bet on sports. Online sportsbooks are open to Americans from all across the country, and should not only be thought of as a great alternative to Las Vegas land based sportsbooks, but improvements in many ways. Since these sportsbooks are operated overseas, they do not fall under the same jurisdictions land based wagering in Michigan would, so they are able to run safely and legally in their home countries while accepting Michigan residents who are legally placing bets. In addition to being safe and legal, many online sportsbooks boast wider selections of games, betting lines and propositions than even the sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Bovada Sportsbook - The Top Legal Choice In Michigan For All Betting

Bovada SportsbookIf you live in Michigan and are thinking of opening an account for sports betting, you would be wise to give Bovada some deep consideration. Aside from being one of the most legitimate online sportsbooks currently in operation, Bovada has given an unprecedented amount of service and perks to their valued clientele. The Bovada name practically goes hand in hand with online gambling, as many major news outlets like CBS sports now cite Bovada over the Las Vegas sportsbook. Bovada even sweetens the deal for its members by providing free payouts. As an account holder with Bovada, you are entitled to one free payout a month from your account, ensuring that you are able to max out on your winnings by avoiding any pesky check out or processing fees in association with cutting you a check or wiring you money. This is just a small example of the lengths Bovada will go to provide excellent service to all of their customers.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Whether your watching Wolverines basketball or Trojans football, if you feel the thirst to place any bets on your favorite sports, don't let it go unquenched a moment longer. There are several legal, safe ways to bet on sports for Michigan residents.